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Airzone My First Trampoline with Enclosure, 55-Inch, Red

Product Description Trampoline Airzone

Our Bravo Sports Airzone 55" My First Trampoline with Enclosure features an easy zippered entrance for added safety and security. The suspension system and poles are padded for extra safety. Easy to assemble. Maximum weight limit of 60 lbs. Your kids will enjoy hours of fun and exercise!
trampoline airzone

Trampoline Product Features

  • 55" youth trampoline and enclosure, Easy to assemble
  • Maximum weight limit 60 lbs.
  • Easy zippered entrance for added safety and security
  • Padded poles for extra safety
  • Fully padded suspension system

Trampoline Airzone Review

Bought this trampoline for my 5 year old son last Christmas, and it bit the dust today, a little over a year later. My son has Down syndrome and is small for his age, but the boy jumps hard! We kept it in the living room, so it was never exposed to the elements. It was a little flimsy, in that it loosened up after a while and had quite a bit of wiggle in it. Hubby tried to tighten it, but couldn't. The first thing that gave out was the nylon caps that attach the top of the netting to the posts. Once those came loose from the screws, the netting would drape down between the posts, making it easy for him to grab on to the top of it and hold on as he bounced. Eventually, that led to the posts bending inward and finally breaking off at the circular part of the frame. He has really loved this thing and used it hard for a year. I think the key to making it last longer would be to find a way to keep the net attached at the top of each posts-- in other words, if it comes loose, figure out a way to reattach it. All in all, I think we got our money's worth out of this in the past year, but I wish it were a little more durable.
  Airzone My First Trampoline with Enclosure

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